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Calidad Agua Fresca Variety 12-Pack

Calidad Agua Fresca Variety 12-Pack

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Calidad Agua Fresca is a line of spiked, sparkling seltzers inspired by the traditional namesake beverage found across Mexico. Developed in collaboration with two expert flavorists from Mexico City, our Agua Frescas are sold as a variety 12-pack, featuring three flavors, each highlighted by a one-two punch of crisp, all natural flavors:

Hibiscus ~ Watermelon: fruity and tart hibiscus meets fresh and juicy watermelon. The epitome of summer…in a can!

Guava ~ Pineapple: vibrant tropical pineapple meets sweet and flowery guava. The duo you didn’t know you needed!

Prickly Pear ~ Pomegranate: delicately sweet prickly pear meets bold and tangy pomegranate. A refreshing blend just waiting to be enjoyed.

5% ABV / 100 calories / Gluten-free / Made with real fruit & natural flavors
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