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Calidad Michelada Bundle

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m-619-1320-9899391 | Calidad Michelada Bundle
Look no further! The perfect michelada is waiting for you. If you love Calidad Beer, our michelada mixes are a MUST TRY!

Includes BOTH of our Calidad michelada mixes, plus a 12-pack of our classic Mexican-style lager. Just combine 2 oz of mix with 12 oz of ice cold Calidad and enjoy!

Traditional Michelada Mix:
A premium, quality blend of savory tomato and bright citrus flavor, topped off with a mild kick of spice.

El Titán Style Michelada Mix:
A family recipe from Adrián “El Titán” González with a proprietary blend of spices, sauces, chile pepper and lime juice.

Each bottle of mix is 20 fl oz, gluten-free and vegan!

What's in the bundle?

1 x Calidad Beer "Classic" 12-Pack

1 x Traditional Michelada Mix

1 x El Titán Style Michelada Mix

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In stock
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